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Urban WRX

Urban WRX is a nonprofit corporation focused on real estate recycling and redevelopment. BA has a long history of helping stakeholders monetize assets and portfolios which may have previously been stigmatized and/or blighted either internally as a legacy property, or designation as a Brownfield or Superfund site by Environmental regulatory entites or oversight commitees. Our team has several decades of combined experience working with lenders and stakeholders in the sale, acquisition, redevelopment of these and other CRE asset types to improve how they are brought back into useful live. With many global relationships, providing clients with the comfort of proven, flawless execution and maximized value. Our customizable propretary processes, accurate assessment knowledge and creative marketing techniques ensure our clients protect the planet and close with confidently without any loose ends or unforeseen liabilities..

Having worked on and advised on some of the Department of Justice's & EPA's most complicated sites, BA is nationally known for its cohesive implementation and pioneering initiatives, especially in the areas of sustainable urban community, smart growth positioned for the future, and brownfields redevelopment. BA has been a part of the cleanup and redevelopment of several brownfields sites throughout the United States. These projects have provided major economic stimuli to local low-income communities. As a result of this experience, BA staff led initiatives along with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), various State regulatory bodies and with community groups and municipalities across the U.S, and contributed to the environmental remediation and redevelopment across the US.

Why Choose Us?

Many critical questions must be answered to ensure a project will be successful. Such as the type and level of property's contamination, what redevelopment options are supported by both economics and the community. Utilizing Brownfield Advisory will assist in answering these questions and increasing the potential return on investment as well as creating a better community through jobs and for the environment..

Economic Challenges

When property owners and potential investors suspect a property is contaminated, they may fear they will be held liable for past contamination. This concern may discourage prospective owners and investors from investing in brownfields, until additional information on property characteristics and potential contamination is known. Until a brownfield is properly characterized, it may be passed over for redevelopment.

Environmental Challenges

The health and safety of people and animals can be at risk if a property presents exposure to environmental contaminants. If not addressed, contamination can spread to nearby properties as well.

Due Diligence Challenges

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail. Digging deep during the initial assessment of an opportunity can mean the difference between a project's success or failure. Aspects of the environmental, demolition, construction risks can have legal and tax consequences on the road to entitlements.

Social Challenges

Over time, a neglected property may become an eyesore, contributing to neighborhood blight and social decline. Blighted properties can weaken local real estate markets, add stress to community social ties, and make it difficult for the community to attract needed services and investment.

Public-Private Partnerships

Brownfield Advisory has a long history of coordination and collaboration between various public regulatory bodies and the private sector. Respecting the benefits and limitations of the respective stakeholder entities has helped our team manage expectations on the Federal level with the Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the respective States and Attorney Generals.

Get In Touch

Urban WRX is active across North America. If you own, represent the ownership or want to suggest a site or opportunity that we should consider for industrial, multifamily or self storage development please submit our contact form. Each site will be processed through our proprietary data analytics software and our team will be notified of your submission. The most thorough submissions will be evaluated first and for those we aim to provide feedback within 48 hours. Always feel free to contact us with any questions.

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